The Hospitality Group Funeral Insurance Scheme has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry and is compulsory for parties.

The continual increase in the cost of providing a dignified funeral has resulted in the need for cost effective funeral insurance. Most people cannot afford to pay the costs of a funeral from their savings, or cannot carry the costs until their insurance policies pay out. The Hospitality Group Funeral Insurance Scheme now offers you the opportunity to provide your employees with funeral cover to ease the financial burden when a member of their family dies.

Advantages for the Employees Advantages for the Employer
  • Provides for a dignified funeral
  • Benefits are paid timeously
  • No evidence of health is required 
  • Provides cover for
    • the employee
    • the employee's spouse
    • the employee's children under the age of
      21 years of age.
  • A cost effective method of providing fringe benefits to employees
  • Creates a sense of security and lowers staff turnover
  • Claims are paid promptly
  • Administration is simple
  • Avoids requests for loans

BASIC COVER A cash benefit is payable on the death of a member, spouse or child before the member's normal retirement age of 65, provided that the relevant requirements are complied with.

Age at Death Benefits  
Member and/or Spouse, the last day of the month in which attains the age of 65 years
Children 14 years upon 21 years
Children 6 years and older but under 14 years
Children 1 year and older but under 6 years
Miscariage from 26 weeks, stillborn and children less than
1 year old
Premium rate per member
R 15 000.00

R 15 000.00
R 7 500.00
R 3 750.00
R 3 750.00

R 25.00


Who Must Join In?

All Employers and their emplyees within the Bargaining Council's Scope.

How to Join?

Forms and Requirements
Application Form
Death Claim Form
Death Claim Requirement
Beneficiary Nomination

How to Claim?
Updated Information
Annexure I



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